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Front Office Supervisor SILVERTOWN METROPLITANPhnom Penh232017-12-02
HR Senior Supervisor ($600-$1000) HRINC (Cambodia) Co., LtdPhnom Penh332017-12-28
Human Resource Manager very 1,800-2,500$ Urgent Cam S&V Trading Co.,Ltd ( S&V Cambodia Jobs )Phnom Penh292017-12-10
Internship (Call Seller, Stock Controller, Career Service A CamEd Business SchoolPhnom Penh172018-02-20
IT Market Manager(业务经理) (Urgent) Phnom Penh IT移动互联网CO.Phnom Penh102018-01-11
Marketing Manager/Supervisor K Four Group LtdPhnom Penh2018-01-14
Medical Representative Vimpex LimitedPhnom Penh2018-02-15
Medical Representative DEXA MEDICAPhnom Penh12018-01-31
Pharmacist Angkor Hospital for ChildrenSiem Reap2018-01-19
Physical Therapist Sunrise Healthcare Service Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2018-02-10
Project Coordinator (900$ -1500$) CamHR Information(Cambodia) Co., LTDPhnom Penh82018-01-27
Receptionist (៤:៣០ ដល់ ១១យប់)២៣០ដុល្លារ Angkor Spa Co., LtdPhnom Penh122017-11-29
Research International TRADEO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTDPhnom Penh82018-02-09
Sale & Marketing ( 200$ - 1200$ ) SIN VENG YU COFFEE COMPANYPhnom Penh111970-01-01
Sale and Marketing in Phnom Penh and Province COFFEE MK MONDULKIRIMondulkiri122018-01-11

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