Human Resource Management (HRM)

Course name:Human Resource Management (HRM)
Start date:13 May 2019
Finish date:14 May 2019
Number of days:1
Day of week:Thu
Training fees:$ 190.00 (Local NGO), $ 220.00 (International NGO)
Location:Phnom Penh Hotel


This Human Resource Development is designed for top and mid-level managers for those who have responsibility for human resource development in organizations. Participants will learn the role of staff management in the context of organizational management to improve staff competencies as well as organizational effectiveness. They will develop staff selection procedures, which will help them with effective decision-making to recruit committed employees. It will encourage managers to create a human development strategy for their organization which is linked to their organizations overall strategy. They will learn practically on how to create a job description (as the basis for these processes), recruitment and selection, orientation, appraisal and staff development, and basic discipline. Training will emphasize honesty, integrity, competence, and accountability as vital characteristics of an effective HR manager. The training will be conducted in Khmer with an introduction to relevant English terminology.

II. Course Objectives and Outlines

1. To identify the four major components in Human Resource Management.
2. To determine the organization's staffing needs in human resource planning.
3. To create a job description for their employee's job responsibility.

4. To assess the staff performance standard

Overview of Human Resources Management
 Human Resource Planning
 Staffing
 Performance appraisal
 Training and development
Determining the Organization's Needs and Strategies
 Organization's goals
 Staff skills inventory
Writing a Job Description
 Analysis of job tasks
 Roles and responsibilities
 Background to the position
 Description of tasks/responsibilities
 Skills/qualification required

1.2 Selection and Hiring People
1. To recruit and select qualified an employee from to fill in new position.
2. To prepare and conduct an applicant questions for more effective interviewers.
3. To identify an employee application and recruit for best candidate.

4. To carry out initial selection procedures in hiring & select process of an applicant.
Selecting Staffing
 Recruiting employees
 Sources of recruitment
 Internal sources and external sources
Checking Employee Application
 Personal information
 Address
 Educational
 Work experience
 References
Selection Process of Application Forms
 Educational background
 Work experience
 Outside interests
Interview Questions in Selection Process
 Completion and screening of application form
 Preliminary interview
 Employment testing
 Reference checking
 Physical examination
 Final decision

The Script of a typical selection interview
Recommendations for designing and conducting employment interviews

1.3 Basic Orientation and Administrating Discipline
1. To understand the employee orientation process in managing human resources.
2. To learn how to train a new employee in a job.
3. To understand the basic organization structures.
4. To determine how an employee violates policy and deal with discipline correctly.
Orientation and Organizational Structures
 Organization orientation
 Recommended employee orientation programs
 Organization
Misconduct for Employee Discipline
 Corrective action for misconduct
 Verbal and written warnings
How to Correct Employees on Unsatisfactory Job Performance
 Corrective action for new employees
 Corrective action for long-term service employees

1.4 Performance Appraisal and Staff Development
1. To conduct performance appraisals and how its can be measured.
2. To clarify why performance evaluation is importance.
3. To encourage staff to work towards the highest levels of performance in developing appraisal.

4. To give effective managers aware of the importance of providing their staff s
with opportunity to develop.
5. To train associates and develop their skills for training and development.
6. To identify the methods of training on the job performance.
7. To determine principles of learning applicable to phases of training.

Performance Appraisal
 Objectives of the staff appraisal
Factors to Look for in Evaluations
 What should be evaluated?
 Who should review an employee?
 Why should an evaluation be conducted?
 What evaluation should not do?
 Evaluation should not rate everyone as equal or average
 Conducting job evaluation
Reasons for Using Performance Evaluation
 Problems of performance appraisal
 Improving the problem employee's performance
 Performance appraisal forms
Staff Development
 Developmental Employee Form
 Developmental Appraisal Joint Form
Determining Training Needs
 Training needs assessment
 Establish training objectives
Methods of Training
 Off-the-job training
 On-the-job training

Who should attend :  All levels of line managers, supervisors and key project team leaders of organizations and companies.

Languages: Khmer language will be used by our professional trainers for the course with some technical English terms and handout is in Khmer and English.
Training Venue:  G-Mekong Hotel,Mondol Kiri, Tonle Basac, Training Studio in Phnom Penh
Training Timing:  8:00am till 5:00pm two full intensive days
Free: Handout in Khmer and English- Handout in both hard copy and soft copy - Lunch for two days - Snack all training time – Software Tools for the course- Certificate of Attendance - Coaching after the course, Soft PTT, Training report if needed
Course Insurance with money back guarantee: Workflow and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development for your department, working Manual, regular mentoring and 2 follow up sessions for trained participants (100 % charges to the training fee)

 Registration: a- The first 5 participants will be 5 % discount if prepayment and b- 5 % discount for the former participants
To register, kindly send us the followings via email or SMS: (your name, Tel, company & position) to or 092 220 316 / 016 623 934. The deadline of the registration is two day before the course.
Payment Method: Pre-payment or payment upon arrival is necessary.

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