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Position:HR Executive
Category:Admin & Secretary
Available time:
Working schedule:
Basic salary:$ 0.00 - $ 0.00
- To check & verify staff attendance, leave, OT, claim and assist in payroll processing.
- To handle HR petty cash, team building fund and claim.
- To handle recruitment activities such as screening resume, scheduling interview, conduct interview, job briefing, shortlisting, extend offer, coordinate on board activities and etc.
- To prepare employment contract and others related letter and follow up with necessary action.
- To compile and manage data/reports upon requested by HR Manager.
- To provide feedback and comments from market/candidates in order to improve recruitment effectiveness.
- To ensure recruitment carry out align with company budget.
- To conduct orientation program to all new joiner.
- To keep track and follow up new staff appraisal for confirmation and letter.
- To guide and lead admin staff, and check admin work.
- To conduct weekly meeting and provide suggestion/solution to admin staff.
- To update organization chart on monthly basis.
- To ensure all HR practices are according to SOP.
- To build morale and inculcate positive culture among staffs.
- To work as a team to ensure that the goals of the department and the company are achieved.
- To ensure that the HR Manager is adequately informed of all matters at all times.
- To effectively communicate policies and procedures to all staffs including conduct policy briefing session.
- To perform all other duties as assigned & required.
- To arrange visa renewal for expatriate and update efficiently.
- To liaise with insurance company and to ensure all staffs insurance benefits (Group Hospitalization & Surgical - ------ Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance) update accordingly and renew on time.
- To monitor and renew company vehicle insurance on time.

- 检查和核实员工的考勤,请假,加班,申报与协助处理薪资发放。
- 处理人事部门的日常申报,各部门的员工活动与申报。
- 负责招聘活动,包括筛选,预约安排面试,进行面试,工作简介,面谈,协调员工入职等

- 管理准备员工档案和雇用合同与其他相关信件,并跟进手续
- 编辑与整理数据/报告,呈交予人事部经理
- 提供来自市场/应征者的反馈和意见,以提高招聘效率
- 确保招聘预算与公司的预算保持一致。
- 对新雇员的上岗作引导工作和公司规章制度培训对
- 跟进新员工的工作表现评估,以确认转正与否
- 指导与引领 Admin Staff,检查他们的工作
- 进行周会议并提供建议与解决方法给予 Admin staff
- 每月定时更新公司员工组织架构图
- 执行人事制度和规章,以确保符合公司制度
- 提升员工士气,维持积极的工作环境和灌输积极的想法
- 通过团队合作以确保达成公司和部门的目标
- 确保及时告知人事部经理所发生的任何事项
- 有效的让所有员工了解公司制度与程序,包括进行公司制度会议
- 执行所有被安排的职责
- 有效与即时为外籍员工安排更新签证和工作证的相关手续
- 与保险公司维持联系,并确保按时更新所有员工的保险利益(住院与手术保险和个人意外 保险)
- 及时跟进与更新公司车辆的保险
- At least 2 years of working experience. HR working experience is added advantage.
- Meticulous, good communication skill and interpersonal skill.
- Good negotiation skill.
- Good Microsoft Office skill.
- Proficient in English language and Khmer language.

- 至少拥有两年的工作经验,人事部相关经验为优先
- 拥有谨慎,良好的沟通技巧和人际交往能力
- 良好的协商能力
- 精通操作 Microsoft Office
- 精通英语和柬语
Job Responsibility:
How to apply:

Contact Person: Ms. Sreylak/ Sorphorn
Address: Victory Hill, Sangkat 3, Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia
Please email your CV to Sorphorn:
Any inquiry please calls Ms. Sreylak/ Sorphorn: 087 795 495/ 096 8240230
(During Mondays to Fridays 8am-5pm)

Organization: Victory Paradise Resort & Casino
Contact Name:
Phone:093 282 899 / 010 718 789

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