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Hotel and Tourism Course

Course Name : Hotel and Tourism Course

Outline :

Customer Complaints Handling
1.  Purpose of the Training
2.  What is a Complaint?
3.  Why do People Complain?
4.  Why We Do Not Like Complaints
5. Complaints Defines What a Customer Wants
6. Word of Mouth/Complaint Behavior
7. The Negative Cycle of Poor Complaint Handling
8. The 3 Levels of Complaints
9. The “5 Step Complaint Handling Formula”
Meeting Guest(Customer Service)
1.What Is A Positive Attitude
2.Using & Remembering  Guest Names
Team working
- Make a Positive First Impression
- Provide a Warm Welcome
- To Review- Words to Use!
- Giving the Guest Your Attention
- What to Do When Not Understanding a Guest
- What to Do If You Can Not Help a Guest
- Anticipate Needs – do Before you Are Asked
- Why It is Important to Learn New Things
 Speaking & listening to customer
1.   How to communicate –words, tone, body language
2.   Basic posture- standing, walking, in front of guests
3.   Talking to customers-words to use, not use, avoid
4.   How to provide a warm welcome
5.   Suitable and unsuitable topics to talk about
6.   How to tell if a guest wants to be left alone/continue talking
7.   Humor and making jokes
8.   Listening-the 4 types, how to listen well.
 Telephone Skills
1.   The importance of telephone handling skills
2.   Identify the incorrect telephone handling skills
3.   Identify the correct procedures for telephone skills
4.   Impress the smile voice on call
5.   How to take a message
6.   How to transfer calls
7.   How to conduct outgoing calls
8.   How to use common business phrases
9.   How to hold the call
10.  How to end call
 F&B Services Sequence
1.  how the hostess greeting guest
2.  Escort the guest to the table
3.  Seating down the guest
4.  How to present the Manu
5.  Understand the kind of services
6.  How to take order
7.  How to repeat order
8.  How to suggest order
9.  How to serve the food, wine…
10. How to open the wine
11. How to setup and clear the table
The Magic Ladder to Success in Work Place
1. The Master Mind
2. Honest and integrity
3. The importance of having a definite aim
4. Self-confidence and courage
5. The habit of saving
6. Initiative and leadership
7. Imagination
8. Enthusiasm and pleasing personality
9. Self-control
10.Keep learning
11.Respect others
12. Appreciation and recognition
13. Smart moving
14. Doing more than paid for
15. Accurate thinking
17. Help others and Cooperation
18. Profiting by failure
19. Tolerance
20.The prosperous habit of health
Excellence Hospitality or hoteliers
1. How to make the guest feel important
2.  Smiling is the world happiness
3.  How to Greeting
4.  Conversing
5.  Using proper telephone etiquette
6.   Providing assistance
7.   Giving attention
8.   Providing positive ending
9.   Following through
10.  Maintaining positive attitude
11.  Making positive decision
12.  Keeping sense of humor
13.  How Hospitality act
Hotel Front Office Operation  
1.  Standard greeting guest
2.  Warm welcoming guest
3.   Front office flow work
4.   Check-In Procedure
5.   Check-Out Procedure
6.   Reservation Procedure
7.   Information Centre
8.   How to leave the message
9.   Information pass
10.  Front desk operation system
Excellence Hotelier Orientation
 1.      Organization introduction
2.      Functions of Management and staff
3.      Organization Mission, Vision, Goal and Value.
4.      Ten rules of providing good services to customer
5.      Employee’s benefits
6.      Special qualification of Hotel staff
7.      How to show courtesy
8.      Personal Behavior
9.      Our working attitude
10.Pay attention on the guest
11.Providing efficient services
12.Enhancing guest self-esteem
13.Building rapport
14.How to providing explaining and information
15.How to avoid bad habits
16. When you are in front of the guest, DO and DON’T
17.Personal presentation and grooming
18.Health and fitness
 Training Program:
- Date: 31 Dec 2017 (from: 8:30am - 5:30pm)
Training Fee:
- USD 50 per participant if register in group of 5, you will get %5 discount each.
- This fee includes training materials (soft and hard copy), refreshments,
Registration: If you are interested, please fill up: your name, Email, institution, phone, position and 
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