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CV Writing & Interviewing Workshop

Course Name : CV Writing & Interviewing Workshop

Outline :

 Introduction: This course will introduce learners to the process of writing a CV, give guidance on the suitable styles and layouts, identify how the information should be presented and give an insight into the employer’s perspective. 

Are you getting interviews but no offers? Are you missing out on great jobs that you know you can do and would love? So many candidates fail to prepare correctly. They arrive at their interview having done the minimum of preparation. They make mistakes, give ineffectual answers, go blank, mumble and as a result they simply miss out on the offer. This is of course a waste of the candidate's and the employer's time.

 For interview skills , you will be fully prepared, you will have a really good idea of the questions they will ask and best of all you will be able to answer confidently and successfully. You will also know the mistakes you are making and receive training on how to overcome them.


After the session, participants are able to:  
Identify key quality the panel is looking for in a candidate during a job interview;
Identify key information concerning themselves;
Identify key requirements for specific position;
Identify key points in why they are the best candidates to fit a position;
Conduct themselves in a job interview; and
Answer to some questions the panel may ask.
- Introduction to the session
- Objectives and schedule
- Sharing feeling (brainstorming)
- Key qualities of a panel looking for the jobs 
- What position fit you best?
- How to prepare for an Cover Letter
- How to prepare for an interview
- The Do and Don't during a job interview
- Questions and answers
- Closing
Who should attend?
University students or those who are difficult in expressing your real ideas/concepts to employers.
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Sat, Nov ,25, 2017 - Sat, Nov ,25,2017

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