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Creative Entrepreneurship Seminar

Course Name : Creative Entrepreneurship Seminar

Outline :

Introduction: The business plan is the keys for any business to achieve or to measure. If you run a business without this kind of plan, you are taking high risk for your investment.  With this plan in hand, you measure your KPI every regular time to assess your achievement. The reasons why investors needs a business plan because: To test the feasibility of the business idea, To give the new business the best possible chance of success; To secure funding, such as bank loans; To make business planning manageable, measurable and effective and To attract more investors.The course is perfect for business owner, general manager/CEO, and entrepreneurs.

 Goal: To build participants capacities in developing effective business vision, mission, goal and objective in response to their desires and expertises for their success businesses 

Objectives: After the one day workshop, participants will be able to:
- Determine components needed for developing business vision, mission, 
-Identify sources of information for developing a business goal &objective
- Determine components required for their business success
- Behavour/attitudes toward successful entrepreneurs
 Seminar Contents: 
- Business Goal & Objectives Setting
- Marketing plan
- Sale Promotion
- Production Plan
- Management plan
- Financial Plan
Who should attend: young business owners, business owners  and employee who want to be business owners.... 
Language: Khmer language will be used by our professional trainers for the course with some technical English terms and handout is in Khmer &English.
Training Venue:  Hotel in Phnom Penh
Training Timing:  8:00am-5:00 pm
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 Payment Method: Pre-payment or payment upon arrival is necessary.
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