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IT Market Manager(业务经理) (Urgent)

Job Info
  Position:IT Market Manager(业务经理) (Urgent) (Full-time)
  Job category:Supervisors
  Posting date:02-Jan-2018
  Closing date:11-Jan-2018
  No. of Recruit:
  Location:  Phnom Penh
  Qualification:Bachelor degree
  Language: English-- Good
  Age:25 ~ 50
  Marital Status:Both
  Salary Rate:$2000USD$/m
Contact Info
 Company: Phnom Penh IT移动互联网CO.
 Name: Goldens
 Phone: 0978316060
 Address: 15F Pi Pay Tower #No 20, street 217, Sangkat Vealvong, Khan 7Makara, Phnom Penh
Job Details
Job Description

岗位职责: 1、根据公司总体市场发展战略,协助市场总监完善公司市场定位,细分市场发展规划; 2、参与制定和实施公司品牌战略、各产品线价格体系、市场营销策略、地区覆盖策略和产品推广计划,挖掘潜在的市场机会,扩大公司产品市场占有率; 3、参与制定年度市场总体工作计划,开展市场推广、品牌、公关、活动等方面的具体工作,充分利用公司的各类资源开拓产品销售渠道; 4、进行市场调研与分析,研究同行、业界发展状况,定期进行市场预测及情报分析,为公司决策提供依据; 5、协助市场总监建立完善市场营销部工作流程以及制度规范。 Responsibilities: 1, according to the company's overall market development strategy, to assist the market director to improve the company's market positioning, market development planning segments; 2, Participate in formulating and implementing the company's brand strategy, product line pricing system, marketing strategy, regional coverage strategy and product promotion plan, tap the potential market opportunities and expand the market share of the Company's products; 3, Participate in formulating the annual work plan of the market, carry out specific work in marketing, branding, public relations and activities, and make full use of all kinds of resources of the company to develop product sales channels; 4, conducting market research and analysis, research peers, the industry development, regular market forecasts and intelligence analysis, provide the basis for the company's decision-making; 5, to assist the market director to establish and improve the marketing department workflow and system specification.
Job Requirements

任职要求: 1、市场营销或相关专业统招本科及以上学历; 2、3-5年市场营销工作经验; 3、对B2B企业服务市场以及SaaS系统有深刻的认知; 4、具有较强的市场监测意识、市场分析能力、解决问题能力、策划执行能力; 5、形象良好,有出色的人际沟通能力,积极进取,能适应创新型公司高速发展的快节奏。 工作时间: 因市场需要,机动灵活,不确定性时间。 Job requirements: 1, Bachelor degree or above in marketing or related majors; 2, 3-5 years marketing experience; Have deep cognition to B2B enterprise service market and SaaS system; 4, with strong market awareness, market analysis, problem solving ability, planning and implementation capacity; 5, a good image, excellent interpersonal skills, proactive, adapt to the fast pace of the rapid development of innovative companies. operating hours: Due to market needs, flexible, uncertain time. 工作地址: 15F Pi Pay Tower #No 20, street 217, Sangkat Vealvong, Khan 7Makara, Phnom Penh

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