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Welcome to Adverting Department !

Our Adverting Department is stablished in 2007 to provide branding and advertising solutions to local and international companies in Cambodia.

Our clients ranging from small to medium and giant enterprises. They are from SME to giant firms in the country and most of them are loyal and always returns to get our services. You can watch our clients' words in our videos links. 

Our dynamic professionals have experienced significant growth and now partners with more than 250 firms, with almost 3,000 employees placed throughout the country to work with.bringing their experiences and expertise of branding & advertising, legal, accounting, employee migration, talent acquisition and human resource management and development.

Our commitment is to work with business partners to achieve the fruitful outcomes for their organizational development. Our service will be ranging from:      

   - TV Show Branding

        - Email Sending,

        - SMS Sending,

        - Social Media Posting

        - Artworks for Product Review, Spot, Events..... 


       When you become one of our clients, soon you will see the solution we offered for you. 

        Contact now to get prenium service we've offered. That could be you too.

        Tel: 092220316/016623934/ 

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